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The panels can be cut horizontally or vertically using simple woodworking tools. They can be cut using a normal fine toothed wood saw or with a jigsaw.

Fitting to Walls

The panels can be fitted directly to the wall and can be fixed straight over tiles. Only on exceptionally uneven/bad conditioned walls do they need to be fitted to battens. The panels can be glued, screwed, nailed or stapled as desired. Due to the tongue and groove nature of the panelling, they can be fixed through the tongue, meaning that fixings are always hidden.




Fitting to Ceilings

Panels can be fitted using adhesive, staples or screws. If suspending the ceiling, panels can be fitted using our metal hanger brackets or attached to a wooden framework.

To cut holes for spot lights, a hole cutting attachment for an electric drill is ideal

Finishing Profiles

Using a finishing profile will ease the task of fitting and ensure a neat finish, no matter how your room is shaped. Edge trims can be fixed using adhesive, staples or screws and are easy to cut.

Edge Trim
The ideal way to finish off exposed panel edges to ensure a neat and watertight finish. Ideal for use around doors, shower trays, window recesses etc.
Internal Corner
Ensures a neat finish for internal corners. It provides a watertight finish and can also be used as an end cap/edge trim.
External Corner
The perfect way to finish external corners in a room such as boxed in pipes and around windows.
For joining panels end-to-end
For a decorative finish
Metal Hanging Bracket
Can be used to suspend panels by 10cm